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Planned Maintenance

Proper service and maintenance can help extend the life of your forklift battery. Keep batteries running at maximum efficiency with quarterly, semi-annual or annual service. Inspections include safety checkup, components review, individual cell scrutiny and proper cleaning of each unit.

Battery Care Safety Training

Get Employee Training on Proper Use of Watering Systems and Spill Clean Up.
WELLS offers employee training on how to properly and safely clean up acid spills. WELLS offers spill clean up kits that contain everything you would need to safely clean spills and we can conduct employee training classes on how to use it. WELLS also offers watering systems to help avoid over watering of batteries and employee training classes can also cover how to properly water your deep cycle batteries!

Motive Power Battery Repair

  • Cable repair/replacement

  • Contact tip replacements

  • Connector replacements

  • Cell replacements

  • IC connector repair/replacement

  • Specific gravity adjustments

  • Full 6-hour capacity testing

  • Corrosion neutralization and battery washing

  • Battery tar sealing

  • Complete forklift battery reconditioning

  • And more!

Installation and Disposal

Our certified team will not only install batteries and chargers into your industrial fleet, but we offer safe, compliant and environmentally-friendly disposal when it’s time to replace them. We reclaim the lead to be reused in new replacement batteries and provide you with proper disposal documentation.


WELLS provides rental batteries and chargers so that your fleet can continue to operate at maximum efficiency. We’ll keep your forklifts up and running if your battery is in the shop or when one unexpectedly goes down and you need a replacement ASAP.

Emergency Repair

Although rare, unexpected repairs do happen and require an expert technician. Call us at (405) 769-9894 to schedule service right away

Request Repair/ Service Quote

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